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 Total Entertainment Partners is dedicated to the promise of producing high quality entertainment through the independent    movie process.  We produce inspirational, family oriented feature films for broad audiences.  Total Entertainment Partners'   goal is to establish a profitable business model, providing solid investment opportunity, as well as helping to establish the    Oklahoma film and video industry by providing  jobs and opportunities for businesses servicing this sector.  

 We will do this by telling compelling stories, using the state of the art technology to minimize costs of  production and    distribution and nurturing an environment of creativity.  We empower our teams and inspire  our audiences by providing a    sustainable business enterprise.  

Current Project:  "The Hang Up"

Our current project is based on chapter seven of the book “At The Hang Up”, entitled “A Miraculous Season”

We have a mission and we need your help and participation. Fifty-Nine years ago a young coach and a group of friends and acquaintances came together to accomplish a miraculous feat.  Against all odds they won the very first Junior College National Championship in baseball.  It would come to be remembered by those who participated as one of the most important times of their lives.  Young men who went on to become a national hall of fame photographer, high level business executives, a state championship winning coach, and pillars of their communities; all coached by a young Ted Owens in his first coaching position. 

If you are not familiar with Coach Ted’s career he went on to, among many other things, to coach the men’s varsity basketball team at the University of Kansas for 23 years, 19 as the head coach.  He took them to two Final Four appearances and many Big Eight Championships.  He is "The Second Winningest Coach" in Phog Allen Fieldhouse history with 206 victories. 

The University of Kansas is the cradle of basketball, often referred to as "The St. Andrews of Basketball."  Dr. James Naismith, the man who invented the game, founded and coached the University of Kansas basketball program from 1898- 10=907.

And this, our story, which is told in Ted’s book “At The hang Up”, is how Ted Owens started his career.  It is a story about building character, and team work, and perseverance.  All of the qualities that sportsmanship is all about.  A story of a simpler time before sports became what it has become in the present era.

By supporting this project you are not only supporting the telling and sharing of this incredible story but also the values of sportsmanship that we would all like to see endure.  Please help us in our mission..